How To Develop A Robust Cyber Security System For A Business

Corporate cyber security solutions are critical to keeping your operations humming. You should think about cyber security as a stack of solutions. A business cyber security provider will encourage you to employ these five.

Monitoring and Logging

Detecting threats is the first step in dealing with security issues. You need to have robust logging of all the interactions on your systems. Whenever anyone accesses a resource, a system should log who, what, and when.

You also need to have monitoring tools in place, too. Monitoring tools can scan 24/7 for both incoming and outgoing connections. If someone is attempting to compromise a system, the tools will try to detect the pattern of their efforts. Similarly, if a system is compromised, the tools may detect unusual outbound traffic on the network.

Secure Protocols and Ports

One of the simplest cyber security solutions is to limit your company's use of network protocols and ports. If you're not using a service, the safest bet is to turn it and any accompanying ports off. Likewise, if you need a port, you should limit the associated services and privileges to no more than the bare minimum necessary to do the job.

Updates and Upgrades

Many attack vectors focus on well-known problems with existing software and hardware. A business cyber security provider can assist you with updating software, especially at the operating system level. Likewise, if you have older hardware that has vulnerabilities, they can perform upgrades. If the older systems are critical and irreplaceable, a cyber security provider can usually devise a way to quarantine them to an ultra-safe part of the network.


Your operation must be ready to restore its data at a moment's notice. A robust backup system will ensure that you'll have little to no data loss if that time ever comes. Ideally, you'll have on- and off-site backup solutions to reduce the risk that an event like an electrical surge will wipe everything out. You will also need a system that automatically restores the data to various systems as part of the restoration process.

Response and Recovery Plans

How quickly you respond when you discover a threat will dictate how successful you are in fending it off. A plan needs to be in place so everyone can act quickly. Everyone in your business should know who to contact if there is a suspected attack. You should also plan which systems to take offline immediately to isolate problems. If the damage goes too far, you should also have a recovery plan.

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