Investing in a DAS for a Large Commercial Building

When someone is in distress, the ability to contact the authorities can be a matter of life and death. Due to the widespread use of cellular phones, most people rely on them for making emergency calls, which could be a problem when in a moment of distress. The reason is that cellular phones rely on satellites for a strong signal, and it is common for signals to fluctuate based on the location of the phone. For example, if someone is in distress and trying to use a phone in a large commercial building, it is possible that the signal will be too weak for the call to successfully go through. If you own a large building, it is important to invest in a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for the safety of your employees and everyone who enters the building.

Which Aspects of a Building Can Weaken a Cellular Phone Signal?

There are several aspects of a building that can weaken a cellular phone signal, one area being a window. Most people think that standing by a window will strengthen the signal, but the signal can weaken if the window isn't able to open and the glass is energy efficient. The metal and concrete that are often used during the construction of large commercial buildings can also make it difficult for someone to receive a strong signal. The location of a building plays a role in the strength of a signal as well, such as if the building is located near large mountains.

How is a DAS Useful in a Large Commercial Building?

A DAS is useful in a large commercial building because it increases the connection of cellular phone signals to the satellites that are outside. For example, a DAS consists of antennas that can connect to the main cellular phone satellites. The antennas can detect the signals from the nearby satellites and amplify the signals on the interior of a building. The amplified signals can be compared to bringing the satellites closer so cellular phone users can get a good reception when making calls.

Should a Business Owner Install a DAS without Hiring a Professional?

When you get a DAS, it is important to hire a professional to install the system. The reason is that a professional can find out which areas of your building are receiving weak cellular phone signals. He or she will then make a strategic plan to install antennas where they will be most helpful in the building.

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