6 Features To Check For In A Security Camera System

If you're in the market for a security camera system, you might also be trying to figure out which features matter. You should keep an eye out for these six features when checking out security camera systems.

IR and Night Vision

The infrared part of the spectrum is often used to observe activities in dark spaces or at night. A business with a side door along a poorly-lit alleyway, for example, would probably like to have a camera that can capture what's happening there.

Expandable Onboard Video Storage

While modern digital video encoding solutions making it easier to store more footage at a higher quality than ever before, storage is still important for security cameras. The longer you can store large amounts of video, the more you'll be able to go back to it down the road. If a police officer needs to see a video from four weeks ago, for example, you might only be able to provide that if you have enough storage to avoid blanking old footage.

Likewise, there should be an SD card or USB port on the security camera system. This will allow you to transfer video files from the system so you can back them up or share them.

Secure Transmission

Especially with wireless video systems, you want to know that the video signal is strongly encrypted. Many criminals can use analog signals to use as eyes on locations, using your feeds to take a peek at what's happening. Weak encryption methods are vulnerable to snooping, too. This is a particularly common problem on older systems that haven't been updated to the current level of security.

Also, don't assume that a wired connection is safer. Encryption on a digital signal is always better, even if there is a hardwired signal.

Multiple Video Feeds

Most users will want a security camera system that allows them to see multiple locations at once. You will probably also want some room for expansion in case you need to add cameras later.

Support for Apps

The ability to remotely check your security cameras can provide immense peace of mind. Apps are the common solution these days for remote viewing. As with other elements of the system, you'll want to be sure the app uses a rock-solid security method.

Power Backup

You don't want the system to go down if there's a power outage. Many systems now use battery backups to provide power. Check how long the battery is projected to last in case an outage goes on days.  

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