5 Signs A Cell Phone Screen Needs Repaired

When folks think about cell phone screen repairs, it's common to picture a cracked screen. That's an obvious instance, but there are other scenarios where it might be less obvious. Take a look at 5 indicators your phone might require screen repairs.

Dead or Discolored Pixels

Modern phone screens rely on what are called picture elements or pixels to display content. However, individual pixels can fail even as the rest of the screen keeps on trucking. If the pixel is in an unassuming spot, such as the lower-right corner, this might not be a big deal. Looking at a dead or discolored pixel in the main field of view, though, can be downright irritating.

You'll notice pixel problems because the spot where they occur never changes. This means if you scroll, the bad pixel stays in the same spot on the screen.

Loss of Backlight

Most phones use a backlighting system to control brightness. This is generally very effective because it allows you fine control of how bright the screen is. If the backlight is damaged or burns out, though, it can radically reduce the viewability of the screen. You'll know when this happens because your screen will become hard to see like you've set it to or below the lowest brightness level.

Blocky Garbage

Sometimes the connection between the screen and the phone's main circuit board can get a little sketchy. Even a slightly loose connector can cause momentary interruptions of the signal. This often leads to blockiness on the screen that looks like something from an old 8-bit video game. It may be patchy, with some sections looking fine and others blocked out.

Likewise, it often disappears for long stretches. However, if this becomes a regular thing, you'll want a phone repairs technician to check it out.


Although LCD displays are largely losing out to LED ones, liquid crystal systems are still in circulation. When these screens suffer damage, the liquid crystal materials can bleed inside the screen. This can lead to streaks or blotches where the screen is just unviewable. Replacement of the entire screen is the only solution.

Battery Drain

Faulty electrical circuits sometimes cause battery drain. If your phone seems to be guzzling battery without a better explanation, such as it is old, then the screen might be at fault. Particularly with modern and brand new phones, you shouldn't have to charge the device more than once a day.

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