5 Things You May Not Have Known About Satellite TV

Thinking of making the switch to satellite television, but don't know much about it? Here are 5 things that you should know to help encourage you to switch television providers.

Satellite TV Has On Demand

Long gone are the days where your only way to view programming on satellite was through a live channel. Now the modern receivers connect to the Internet and allow you to download content on demand. This allows you to view a variety of each channel's on-demand content that you may have missed and recent PPV movies. 

Satellite TV Has Simplified Equipment

When satellite TV first became popular, you needed to have a receiver in each room in the house that you wanted to have satellite TV. This led to a big upfront cost to get started or ongoing monthly equipment changes. This is not the case anymore with satellite television. It is possible to get a receiver that powers multiple televisions, which share all of the DVR content across multiple devices. You won't have to worry about needing to use the living room to watch a show that you happened to record on that receiver when you can easily take your recordings to the bedroom.

Satellite TV Can Incorporate You Local Channels Into The Guide

Many satellite television providers only carry the main four or five broadcast networks as a channel carried through satellite. However, it is possible to plug in an antenna with some additional equipment to get all of your local channels with programming guide integration. This can greatly expand your channel list, and even let you record the shows directly to your DVR.

Satellite TV Has Streaming Apps

The main satellite TV services offer companion apps that let you stream many live television channels directly to your phone or tablet and even view that on-demand content on a second screen. This makes it easy to use your satellite TV subscription no matter where you are since it goes with you. It is also possible to use your login credentials to play content in the many apps created by the networks.

Satellite TV Has Fewer Outages Due To Weather These Days

Were you worried about getting satellite TV because of the problem where rain would cause the signal to go out? This problem is not what it once was since the signal does a better job at transmitting through water. You may lose your signal during a heavy storm, but it is the exception these days rather than the norm.

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