Six Important Considerations When You're Deciding Which Phone Number Directory To Use

There are a lot of different phone number directories to choose from if you are looking for a way to reliably look up phone numbers on a regular basis. There are numerous factors to consider when you're determining which unknown phone number public directory is right for your needs.

The following are six important considerations when you're deciding which phone number directory to use:

How frequently the directory has been updated

The more frequently the phone number directory you use is updated, the more accurate and complete it will be.

Some people change numbers frequently. If you don't use a directory that's frequently updated, you'll be likely to get old information that won't help you. 

How large the directory is

In addition to being frequently updated, a directory also needs to contain a lot of numbers. This makes it more likely to have the particular numbers that you are looking for.

Make sure you find out how many numbers your directory holds. If possible, you should not only see how many numbers, but also what percent of the US population has numbers represented in the directory to gauge its completeness.

What sources the directory draws from

Directories should draw from numerous sources to get the numbers they present to be as complete as possible. Not only should a good directory draw from public records and voluntary submissions, but also from information that is posted on the Internet. 

How much information you need to provide to use the directory

You may want to be able to look up phone numbers, but that doesn't mean that you won't to submit your own contact information to the directory in order to be able to use it.

Some directories will require users to submit their own information. Make sure you read the fine print and verify that you don't need to do this if you want to protect your own privacy. 

How much it costs to use the directory

While some directories out there may be free to access, the most complete and accurate directories will likely require a service charge to use. You should look into the cost of using various directories out there to figure out which option is right for your budget. 

How much support is offered by the directory

It's not unlikely that you may have to contact the customer support services of the directory you're using. You may need to do this for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you will have trouble navigating the directory software and need to ask a few questions of a representative.

In this case, you want to make sure before you purchase access to a directory that you can get a real person on the phone rather than a recording to offer you customer service and answer your questions. 

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