Improving Your Data Acquisition Through Filters

From warehouses to manufacturing plants, data acquisition is an important part of safety, productivity, and security. Data acquisition systems are intended to measure a number of different physical or electrical issues, ranging from temperature to sound. However, they aren't always fully accurate, as they can be interfered with by other systems. Filters can help. 

The Role of Data Acquisition in a Modern Business

Laboratories, warehouses, mills, and industrial locations are all using data acquisition actively throughout the data. Data acquisition monitors equipment, ensures that employees are safe, and protects the environment. Through sensors, a number of devices (some of them Internet of Things devices, as well as older technologies) are constantly monitoring the status of the system. Acquisition can be used to measure and improve upon performance or it can be used to alert employees when there is a safety issue.

Yet with as many different technologies as there are now, it's possible that a data acquisition sensor or service could become confused. As there are many different frequencies being used on the standard industrial floor, they can begin to interfere with each other. This is similar to how a household microwave can knock out a home's WiFi signal: because the frequencies intrude upon each other, even just a little, they can interfere with each other.

This can be dangerous. Commonly, interference starts to become a problem as a company upgrades its data acquisition technology, adds new technology, or otherwise expands its physical company infrastructure.

Using Filters to Improve Upon Data Acquisition

Filters can be used to reduce certain frequencies, isolating it to only the band that is relevant to the data acquisition device. A few types of filters include low pass filters, band pass filters, high pass filters, and anti alias filters. A filter will essentially strip out "information" that is being directed to the data acquisition device, thereby ensuring that the data acquisition device is only analyzing the data that it truly needs to. The right filters can greatly increase the accuracy of devices, and are virtually necessary on busier floors. 

If you're currently experiencing issues with your data acquisition devices, it could be that you're just running into issues of accuracy and interference. A data acquisition company can consult with you regarding your building and the frequencies that are already in use, and can form a solution that will keep your data acquisition infrastructure up and running. To learn more about data acquisition low pass filters and other types of filters, reach out to a local technology companies today.

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