Four Benefits Of Installing Fire Sprinklers In Your Home

Living with someone who suffers from pyromania, you tend to be on edge all the time and have to remind yourself to keep all flammable and flame-inducing substances out of sight. More importantly, you need a lot of fire prevention tools and equipment in your home. Under the given circumstances, you could really benefit from a fire sprinkler installation. Here is how you can benefit and keep everyone safe and protected. 

If the Person with Pyromania Does Start a Fire, You Are Covered

In the event that the person diagnosed with pyromania and living in your home does start a fire, the sprinkler system would be triggered. The excitement that this family member feels from starting fires would be as quickly doused as the fire he/she started on the curtains or in the furniture. A sprinkler system could put out that fire in just a few seconds, before it could ever consume a large portion of any room in the house. 

​The Sprinkler System Would Prevent the Spread of the Fire

Fires spread rapidly. A home can be fully engulfed in flames in under twenty minutes. A sprinkler system can stop the fire in under three minutes. If someone started a fire in your home, it would be out before you even discovered it, and the sprinkler system would make everything too wet for the fire to spread. If the fire were started late at night while you are asleep, the sprinklers would definitely wake you and alert you to a fire in the home. However, the fire would be out before everyone even left the house.

Your Home Would Not Suffer from Fire Damage

While it is true that a little water damage might result from having a sprinkler system and living with someone with pyromania, what is also true is that your home would never be destroyed intentionally or accidentally by fire. Firefighters, once they are able to arrive on the scene, probably would not need to unfurl their fire hoses either. They would just have to check the home for the start of the fire and make sure your sprinkler system effectively put it all out.

Everyone Could Make It Out Safely

Water spraying on you while you sleep would definitely awaken you. Water spraying from the sprinkler system during the day would definitely alert you. Everyone could make it out of the house alive and unscathed because the sprinkler system doubles as both the alarm system and the fire extinguishing system in your home.

Consider having a company like Eastern Fire install a sprinkler system in your home. Your safety is worth it!

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