How To Make Legal Marketing Copy That Connects

One of the biggest challenges that any lawyer faces is trying to create copy that connects with readers and viewers in today's diverse media environment. An attorney has to advertise on social media, video platforms, radio, TV and their own website. If you're thinking about how you explain your practice to prospective clients, these three tips will help.

Simplify and Explain

The one thing anyone searching for a lawyer's website wants is for somebody to just take a complex problem and lay it out straight. If you're trying to develop, for example, a services page for an auto accident practice, you can also produce blog posts using everyday language to outline the process of pursuing a claim. Many people are just looking for a direct answer about what they need to do first.

With the help of a law firm marketing company, you can refine your ideas into a compact set of messages that fit into all formats. A tax attorney might post reminders about key dates on their Twitter feed while also putting up four-minute explainers on YouTube.

Connect Emotionally

The field of legal practice is compelling enough from an emotional standpoint that an entire genre of film and TV has grown up around it. Finding an emotional truth in a story and presenting it in your marketing copy can be a powerful testament to the value you provide. An attorney marketing company working with a civil right lawyer might create, for example, a video and blog series that chronicles one client's fight for justice. 


As you distribute content to advertise your firm, it's critical to gather data and incorporate it into later decisions. Fortunately, most platforms offer this information. You may need to have a law firm marketing company help you set up an analytics package on your website. A marketing business can also set you up with a customer relationship management system that ties this information to client conversion data.

Take the time to measure the performance of everything you produce. If you find that a specific appeal clicks with a target audience, try to develop more content around such themes. An immigration attorney might find that blog entries about issues in the news connect with potential clients. If you can trace a visitor the whole way from reading a post to contacting your practice, there's a good chance you can drive more interest using similar content.

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One of the biggest challenges that any lawyer faces is trying to create copy that connects with readers and viewers in today's diverse media environme