Why Consider RoIP For Your Trucking Company?

When you've got multiple trucks in your company going all over the place all the time, radio communication is critical. You may need to reach your truck drivers to give them updated information or because a client wants to know where they are. Your truck drivers may need to contact you because of an accident or to ask questions. Radio over Internet Protocol systems, or RoIP systems, can make radio communication much easier.

Much like your smartphone, RoIP systems depend on satellite and wireless networks to transmit information and voices. You may be apprehensive about getting a new system, but you might want to consider RoIP for these reasons.

Better Costs Over Time

A principal concern for you may be that a RoIP system will cost more than what you're currently using. However, even though you've got to buy the right equipment to outfit your trucks, you may find over time that you're paying far less than you would for other systems. If your trucks travel out of state, using traditional systems can be problematic because they're either out of range or you're accruing roaming fees and additional charges. With a RoIP system, all of those extra charges are gone. Even if you have trucks going across the country, you won't end up paying exorbitant fees to contact them.


You may not yet be ready to send trucks across the country. You may only have a few trucks making deliveries within the state. You may not need high speeds to transmit truck-related data right now. However, a good RoIP system can offer flexible plans and terms that will work with you and scale as your business scales. This is a departure from other systems; even if they work today, years from now you may need to upgrade to accommodate more trucks and longer distances.

Use of Video

Traditional radio systems only include the ability to talk to someone on another radio. However, with current technology, RoIP can also transmit video. This is essential if something happens and you or someone else needs to establish a visual link to adequately understand or analyze a situation. Instead of relying on someone's description, you can see what they're talking about.

RoIP systems can provide up-to-date radio communication capabilities of all kinds to your trucking company. Look into the Explorer MSAT G3 or one of the other systems available; research their features and talk to retailers about the most appropriate platform for you.

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