Tying Personal Technology And Security For Safety And Convenience

What kind of security system do you have now? If you don't have one, why not? If you do have one, how easy is it to view alerts, test the security features without annoying the neighborhood while trying to deactivate the test, or figure out trends in your area's security? You may want to consider an upgrade or a more customized approach, and a few of these concepts can help you take control of your alarm technology.

Proximity Alerts And Alert Filing

Many alarm systems include sensors that pick up objects that come too close. The sensors are usually programmed to pick up objects of a certain size in order to ignore wild animals such as birds, as well as most medium or small-sized pets.

These alerts will notify the security monitoring center and may set off an alarm, but modern alarm systems can send an alert to you as well. This usually comes in the form of an email or text (SMS) that shows when an alert took place.

You can set an alert log on a computer with basic tech tools. For example, if you're receiving emails for your alerts, these emails can be automatically placed inside a specific online folder. You can also set programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook to download an offline version of your emails to your computer.

Visual Alerts To Build Context

Knowing that an alert happens is only part of the story. It helps even more if you're able to see what tripped off the alert, as the answer can be helpful for more than just security.

There are quite a few tricky ways to get through a security alert system. One technique would be to rob a home with a large dog or other animals by sending a smaller person to do the sneaking, which will likely bypass the alarm. This may not be stopped by the proximity alarm alone, but you'll be able to record evidence of what happened and plan accordingly.

Not all intrusions involve theft or going deep into the building. If you're dealing with a stalker, pranksters, or people who are causing problems along the perimeter, video evidence can help you show a clear case of harassment when the police can't act due to a lack of evidence. It's a huge help for you, the community, and law enforcement if you can show concrete evidence of the problem.

Contact an alarm system professional to find alarm companies that can protect your home, business, or other secure location. For more information on alarms, discover more here!

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