3 Common Concerns TV Viewers Have About Switching To Satellite Services

Thinking about switching from cable or broadband to a satellite TV subscription? More than 61 million people in the United States use satellite services, but many potential satellite subscribers are hesitant to change providers. If you're on the fence about switching to satellite services, take some time to learn about the pros and cons of satellite TV. Here are three common concerns that TV viewers have about subscribing to satellite TV services.

High Prices

Nervous about paying for a satellite receiver in addition to your favorite channels? It's true that Dish Network and other providers similar to DIRECTV often charge a monthly or annual fee for satellite receivers, but cable companies have their own fees. For example, you might rack up the following expenses if you have cable TV:

  • A separate fee for each cable box
  • An additional fee for a box capable of recording television shows or providing access to a viewing library
  • Movie rental costs
  • Installation and maintenance

As you can see, cable TV has just as many, if not more, fees than satellite television. Depending on your viewing habits, you may find that satellite TV is a better value than cable television.

Distorted Picture

You may have heard horror stories about distorted clips or frozen images from angry satellite TV subscribers. Sometimes issues do occur during extreme weather, but many receivers are built to withstand the effects of wind, rain, and snow.

It's worth noting that pixelation issues also occur with cable TV subscriptions, so there's no way to avoid the occasional frozen or distorted clips. Talk to a Dish Network specialist if you're concerned about how extreme weather might affect your television viewing. The provider may have some tips and tricks that make it possible for you to enjoy movies and television shows during any type of weather.

Lengthy Commitment 

Many customers are hesitant to commit to long-term contracts with television providers, which is completely understandable. After all, you don't want to get locked into a contract for a service that doesn't suit your needs.

Some satellite TV providers offer pay-as-you-go satellite services for new customers. You can also ask about a short-term contract or a trial period so that you can have some time to decide if satellite TV is right for you.

Still not sure if you're ready to enroll in a satellite television subscription? Talk to a Dish Network expert to learn more about the advantages and potential issues associated with satellite TV so you can make an informed decision. Contact a company, like A-1 Discount Satellites for more help.

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