Understanding Player Markets And Communities For Gaming Apps

Many gaming apps make their money by selling microtransactions products and services that increase their chances of success in a game. In some cases, these microtransactions only add cosmetic value or other appeal that doesn't directly affect gameplay, but may have an effect on a player's standing in the game community. Here are a few in-game economics and social concepts to help you figure out how to maintain and profit from a vibrant game community.

Player Economy And Game Longevity

Many games have continuous goals and persistent worlds that include in-game economies. For adventure games and roleplaying games, this can mean anything from buying and selling equipment for characters to trading consumable items that make the gameplay process easier.

Playing the game doesn't just mean adding as much power to the character as possible. Successful, long-term games will make enemies and encounters that are difficult enough that a player can't simply walk through the game while pressing a simple button, and special items are used to make the gameplay process easier.

The ability to buy, sell, and trade items creates another dimension of gameplay. In addition to completing goals and gaining in-game currency to purchase tools and power boosts, many players enjoy the economic side alone. Games such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, and Rift have full auction house or player shop systems with the ability to advertise wares, which creates an outlet for people who enjoy sales to play out their fantasies in a virtual world.

Microtransactions can augment the market by giving players more items to sell with less in-game effort and more real world money-spending, but you need to be careful. The market can be flooded with items purchased for real money, which can discourage players from playing the game and eventually make purchases useless as more people accomplish goals with the aid of their wallets.

Make sure that microtransaction items either have a limit power or potency compared to items that can be found in the game without microtransaction purchases, or cannot be traded or sold at all.

Selling Power Versus Setting Goals

Many games have an end goal based on defeating a powerful enemy or solving puzzles at increasing difficulty. Some games gain additional money by selling items to make a character stronger, selling hints, or selling additional attempts at a difficult goal, but this can lead to game failure or a drop in purchases.

Instant gratification is a problem in online gaming that many companies struggle to control. There is an initial rush in sales when a previously difficult or time-consuming game suddenly allows players to skip major parts of gameplay with money, but when some players achieve their goals, they simply stop playing.

You can make more sales by only giving partial boosts in power for a limited time. Don't give players the ability to win with a single purchase; making it easier to prepare for endgame or leveling up faster at small increments can keep players engaged in a challenge, and your only major money loss is any money gained through the leveling or early gameplay area if money was being spent in the first place.

Contact an app development professional to discuss ways to configure a microtransaction cash shop in your game, and keep an eye out for instant gratification dangers.

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