Four Options To Consider When Shopping For An Internet Service Provider

Gone are the days when your only choice was a single internet service provider. Because of advances in technology and infrastructure, most areas in the nation now have more than one provider for internet access. The following are a few things to consider when shopping for the best internet service in your area.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

This type of broadband technology transmits data across the phone lines. The speed of the transmission has a lot to do with how close your home is located to the DSL provider. These days it is common to find more than one DSL provider, so the competition helps to bring down the price. In addition, there are two different types of DSL: ADSL and SDSL. The first is asymmetric DSL and provides good download speeds. This is usually all you need for most internet use. Symmetric DSL provides good speeds for uploading as well as downloading but at a higher cost.

Cable internet

The transmission lines used in cable television are the same ones used for the internet. But the bandwidth is wide, and this means the speed is fast. Even at it's fastest, DSL comes up short compared to cable internet. But not everyone needs the extra speed, and cable internet may be more expensive in your area than DSL, especially if the speed of your local DSL provider is significant;y slower. But sometimes you can save money by bundling your internet with your cable television service.

Fiber optics

Sometimes abbreviated as FiOS, this is the fastest of all broadband technologies. Of course, this makes it the most expensive, too. However, if you are an online game player, this is the best connection to have. Unfortunately, fiber optic cable has not been laid down everywhere in the country, so it may not be available in your area.


This requires an owner to have a satellite dish, and this alone, makes it expensive. Add to this, the transmission speeds are slower than the three options listed above. On the other hand, having a satellite dish allows you to have internet access where no service provider exists for the other three technologies. Although slower, this option is much better than using old dial-up technology that is still in use in many rural areas.

Although not every company and technology for internet access may be available in your area, don't assume that there is only one. So if you currently have a provider, you may find that there is a better alternative. Using the guidelines above, you need only shop around. And if this is your first time accessing the internet in your area, make sure you know all of the internet service technologies and companies that exist. Contact a provider, like Solarus, for more help.

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