Need Extra Money For Your Business? Sell Your Ipv4 Addresses

IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) addresses were free when they were first distributed until they were all gone. If you obtained a lot of these IP addresses during this time and are now migrating to IPv6 addresses, you can sell IPv4 addresses you will not be using to make money. How much you make depends on where you live and who buys them. Below is more information about this so you can start putting more money in your pocket:

Shortage of Numbers

There is a shortage of IPv4 addresses right now and because of this many businesses are moving to IPv6. Some companies have not decided to move to IPv6 yet, however, which opens a market for you to sell your IPv4 addresses. This is because the companies sticking with IPv4 will eventually need more IP addresses as they add more devices, computers, etc. to their network. If the company does not have enough IP addresses, this would cause these devices to not work.

Hire a Broker

Unless you have experience selling IPv4 addresses you should hire a broker to sell them for you. There are IP brokerage firms that can sell your addresses and you can pocket the money. These brokerage firms do charge a fee, but it is well worth this. This is because if you do not know how to sell them you could easily sell them for less money or not be able to sell them to anyone at all.

There are also rules and regulations you have to go by when selling IPv4 addresses. A broker will know what these rules and regulations are when it comes to transferring your IPv4 addresses to the company that purchased them from you. This will benefit you and the other company. This is because the transaction will be completely legal so there will be no problems when it comes time for the company to register their IPv4 addresses.

You can ask the broker to purchase all the I Pv4 addresses that you own and then they can sell them to buyers. This makes things much easier for you as you can pocket the money immediately. If you do not want to sell your numbers but would like an ongoing income, you can ask the broker about leasing or renting the numbers to other companies.

Talk with a brokerage firm in your area to learn much more about selling you IPv4 addresses.

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